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AI Powered Duplicate Management

People never like receiving the same marketing email twice in a row or getting calls from two different sales representatives; it’s just annoying and makes you feel like that company doesn’t pay attention to detail, so they probably won’t make you feel taken care of. It may not seem like a big deal, but it could make or break a client’s trust if your team does not seem on the ball. If you are working with a large amount of marketing and sales contacts it can be very hard to locate these duplicates before it’s too late.
Recently HubSpot created a new feature called Duplicate Management that uses AI to combat this seemingly small but impactful problem, without anyone having to manually go through all your contacts and leads.

How Does HubSpot Duplicate Management Work?

The system looks through your database and compares names, company names, emails, zip codes, countries, and phone numbers within different things and suggests to you that they may be a duplicate. As you move through these duplicates and accept/merge them or reject/dismiss them, the AI will learn so that as it continues to search for duplicates it will be able to improve on its accuracy.

How do I locate this new Feature?

If you are currently using HubSpot Professional or Enterprise all you have to do is go to your Contacts Main Page > click Actions > Manage Duplicates. You will be taken to a screen that displays pairs of records that are likely duplicates. You can then decide if you want to review, merge, or dismiss each match.

Machine Learning Is The Future Now

We have talked about the benefits of AI a lot recently, and that’s because artificial intelligence and machine learning are becoming ingrained with working in marketing and customer care. AI helps exponentially with making customers feel like individuals who are well taken care of. Even making sure a customer isn’t listed twice in your database can make a huge difference in the quality of their interactions with you and possibly make or break their choice to buy from or work with you.

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