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Zendesk Sell is a game-changing sales CRM platform that was built with sales teams in mind. It’s easy to navigate and offers intuitive tools that keep your reps running at optimal conditions.

But what happens when a lead or a customer has a question that’s really geared towards your support team? In most cases, the sales rep will have to send a new email from their Outlook to a member of your support team, who will then have to create a ticket in Zendesk support to start engaging the customer. In fact, according to Pace Productivity, sales reps spend up to 20% of their time engaging in customer service related activities.

Enter the Create Support Ticket App integration for Zendesk Sell, engineered by 729 Solutions. As the name suggests, Create Support Ticket allows a Sell user to quickly and easily create a Zendesk Support ticket on behalf of a lead or contact.

See how it works

With one-click access to your support channel right from within Zendesk Sell, your reps can stay focused on what really matters – finding that next customer!

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