We’ll make your Zendesk experience seamless

When it comes to Zendesk, we’ve done it all — data migrations, custom applications, integrations, and customizations.

And that’s why Zendesk made us a Premier Implementation Partner

Zendesk loves us, and we love them…

Our relationship with Zendesk goes both ways, though. We’ve become experts at all things Zendesk because we truly believe in it – we use it ourselves.

We’ve seen hundreds of customers’ businesses completely transformed after they implemented Zendesk and got it working exactly the way they needed.

Let us help you, too.

So, how can you get the most from Zendesk?

Streamline support

Resolve issues faster

Keep agents productive

Improve customer satisfaction

Need to increase efficiency?

We designed our Efficiency Audits to help you make Zendesk more effective and productive.

After the audit, we give you concrete, actionable steps that you can take to maximize your Zendesk investment.

Current Desk.com customer?

We’ve helped clients migrate from Desk to Zendesk and made it so easy, efficient, and accurate that they wish they’d done it much sooner.

Do you need specific Zendesk work?

We can help you…

Migrate into Zendesk.

ui/ux layout and design

Set up Zendesk

bicep icon

Train admins and agents

decision process icon

Integrate with other software

web design icon

Design your Help Center


“729 allowed us the flexibility to self-implement, but were with us every step of the way. They answered questions, brainstormed, provided solutions and best practices for anything we needed. They are personable, caring, and reliable. I would recommend working with them, and feel confident everyone would feel the same value we did.”

Kayla Fischer | Hirevue

Have more questions about our Zendesk services? Here’s a helpful FAQ.

How do I know if I’m getting the most out of Zendesk?

We can run an Efficiency Audit for you to see if you’re taking advantage of everything Zendesk has to offer.

Can I get a Zendesk demo?

Yes, we can help you with that. Contact us here.

What if I need Zendesk for multiple brands?

Zendesk Multibrand is a great solution for you- you can set up multiple brands, link your websites, and manage your data all in one place.

Read more about how we set up Multibrand here.

Why would I need help setting up Zendesk?

Zendesk has a lot of great customizations that make the initial setup somewhat complex if you’re new to Zendesk.

We want to make sure that you get the most out of all of its features, so we dive deep into your business’ needs and help you choose a path that will get you the best Zendesk experience possible.

What if I just need general Zendesk help? Can you do a la carte services for me?

Yes, we do a la carte Zendesk services. Read more here.

Why should I work with a Zendesk Premier Implementation partner?

We think you already know the answer to that one… you can make your Zendesk project easy on yourself and your team.

Or, you can work with a less- experienced partner and then re-do work later.

Worst of all, you could wing it and alienate your customers with a poorly thought-out Zendesk integration.

Can you afford to keep bumbling around in Zendesk?