Tech and Fashion

Tech and Fashion

Technology and Fashion have always gone hand in hand, both industries have thrived on pushing the envelope in order to change people’s minds and influence culture. In 2018 we are seeing the creative results of this influence more than ever. Check out these different technologies that are changing how we take care of ourselves, work out and how we shop.

VR Mirrors

Have you ever wanted to get an idea of what an outfit would look like before you make an online purchase? Or even wished you could see a dress at a glance without having to wait in the fitting room line? Then you should be excited that Amazon just patented a mirror that dresses you in virtual clothes. Though this is not a reality yet, it seems this technology could find its way into your home in the future, working similarly to devices like Alexa which connect directly to Amazon shopping.

Smart Clothes

Fashion is a fast-moving-always-changing industry, it makes sense that tech and clothes would move quickly together working to incorporate and normalize all kinds of “connected fashion” into our daily lives. In 2018 you have more options than ever before if you are ready to take the leap into smarter threads, including a wide variety of jewelry that can track your health, fitness, and sleep among other things. Smart workout clothes are also proving to be very popular, with some brands focusing on clothes that can facilitate common workouts like yoga or running through vibrations, while also tracking general health stats and clothes for leisure like a jacket that connects to apps on your phone, so you don’t have to get it out to change your music or answer a call. 2018 also offers many options in smart shoes that can do everything from track health and fitness to making sure your feet are warm.

3D Printing and Scanning

Though 2018 is not the first time we have seen the use of 3d printing or scanning in fashion, we are seeing a lot more with much more creative results. Designers like Balenciaga and Iris van Herpen are using these technologies to create shapes and textures much harder to produce before. And companies like Studio Bitonti, who pioneered 3D printing clothes, offer not only custom 3D printing and garment creation, but also describe themselves as “a lab for emerging design methodologies, cutting edge materials, and fabrication research”.

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