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729 Solutions is based out of San Francisco – but did you know, our team members are all over the world? From San Francisco to Philadelphia, San Diego, Argentina, Miami, Hawaii, and India. We’re spread across many time zones, speak many languages (not just code!), and our ways of communication span chat rooms, phone calls, video conferences, email, and instant messages.  We use tools like Slack, Pivotal Tracker, Google Drive / Docs / Sheets, Trello, and Harvest to keep ourselves organized and on the same page.  When it comes to our code, we make no exceptions. 729 Solutions is not only a proud Partner of GitHub, but we’re firm believers in its features, and use it daily to help align, sync and manage our code projects many details.

Why We Like GitHub

From a Front End Developer, Bruno W:
You can store your code in the cloud.

I like GitHub because you can store your code in the cloud, and it gives us the ability to work from anywhere with centralized code. GitHub has tools we can use to create different branches in the code, with multiple versions each. Many developers can work on different parts of the code without breaking anyone else’s work. You can view the history of updates as detailed as who made what changes, and when.

From a Developer, Martin:
When I discovered GitHub I fell in love immediately!

When Git was released, it was really beyond other versioning tools like svn.  However, some tools to make collaboration easier as needed. When I discovered GitHub, I fell in love immediately! It makes Git a lot better for making code reviews, comparing branches, issuing reports, and to discovering open source projects.

I love it mainly because of the ease of use and how the pull requests interface works. In addition, you can set up your project with specific branch permissions and continuous integration in just a couple of minutes!

From a Project Manager, James:
GitHub gives us peace of mind.

GitHub is invaluable for allowing our development team to work efficiently within our own code base as well as within client repositories. GitHub gives us peace of mind when it comes to version control.

From a Developer, Rodrigo:
GitHub desktop clients are polished and just work.

GitHub really makes code collaboration easy and fluid. Branch management is straightforward, and the process for committing changes is intuitive. I like the ability to browse through repository files at any point in the past, just as you do with the current state.

Also, GitHub desktop clients are polished and just work. Although there’s no Linux support, I find the macOS or Windows version to be a great tool for anyone afraid of the command line.

From a Project Manager, Bill:

I appreciate how easy I can get started on a new project using GitHub. I also love the control I have using the command line.

From a Developer, Nacho:
GitHub saves me a ton of time.

What I like most about GitHub, in comparison to other providers, is its clear and intuitive interface, which results in a clear, non-disruptive, way to do things.

I like being able to look in a single place and find everything I need: commits, create pull requests, branches, etc. Being able to spot changes easily, and add comments on a specific line with references to a team member saves me a ton of time and its part of the foundation of our development process.

And last but not least, from our Founder, CEO, and CTO, Rob Fife:

Our source control model has become the way it is because of GitHub. They’ve changed the way we do software development.  It’s ideal for teams like us who are not all in the same office – allowing us to work together, from all over the world, smoothly and easily.

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