Zendesk Welcomes Smooch to the Family

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Smooch Messaging

Messaging is the preferred form of communication for more than half of people out there, and more and more individuals prefer to chat with businesses as if they were just sending a text to a friend. The challenge for companies is offering a smooth and seamless chat experience and something that can change with consumer trends as fast as they come and go. The answer is Smooch! Zendesk recently brought the messaging service under its wing to offer a new level of customer engagement and clarity.

How does Smooch work?

Smooch is a conversation platform that brings together context, formatting, and other data from various messaging channels. It creates continuous conversations pulling from all engagements you might have with a customer across multiple platforms including social media and web and mobile SDKs. This means you can follow any message thread from platform to platform without skipping a beat with your customer.

Social Messaging

Zendesk customers will be able to integrate their support with apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, and Facebook Messenger. Smooch will allow you to switch between chat, phone, email, and social channels all in one unified place, allowing your company to improve its omnichannel support while giving your customers even more options for getting a hold of you.

Web and Mobile-based Messaging

Smooch will give Zendesk’s embeddables a lift, making them feel more seamless than ever before. These experiences can be built to be immersive and interactive! Create enhancements like bots, buttons, and lists, as well as customization to have the look and feel (brand personality) of your company.

What is offered now?

Currently Smooch can be used to support new WhatsApp Zendesk integration. If you are looking to add more channels for your customers to reach you through, you should see if adding WhatsApp will help improve your customer experience.
Zendesk also has a Conversation Solutions Team that can be called upon to help you create the best messaging experience for your customers. So if you know you could improve your messaging but are not exactly sure how this team can help you make the most of your Zendesk.

Keep an eye out!

If you are excited about being able to use Smooch with Zendesk, then keep your eyes peeled for updates and changes that will allow you to roll more and more of your Zendesk channels into Smooch.

Is Smooch the right solution for your Zendesk needs?

Or is there another solution? Chat with one of 729 Solution’s Certified Zendesk Administrators and we’ll help you navigate where to go next!

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