5 GitHub Apps to Help Improve Your Flow

5 GitHub Apps to Help Improve Your Flow

This post was updated on 2/25/2020 to reflect changes in the availability of apps in the GitHub Marketplace.

GitHub apps are meant to help you streamline your process, to build and improve your workflow and help your team maintain a smooth-running system.

  • Buddy – Automatically build & ship web projects on a single git push, manually or set it up to happen recurrently. Define your own delivery process and bring the newest tech to your team’s stack with native Docker support.
  • Code Climate – Only send out maintainable and well-tested code using line-by-line test coverage reports, technical debt assessments, and style checks. Code Climate makes every pull request clear and sustainable.
  • Greenkeeper – Monitors all your dependencies for updates, runs your CI tests against each new update, and notifies your team when human intervention is required.
  • TestQuality – Build and run test plans, test suites and test cases while automatically recording or importing test results.

Find all the GitHub applications that can help your team by checking out their Marketplace.

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