Case Study: AWS Cloud Solutions

Case Study: AWS Cloud Solutions

Work Transitions Can Create Unique Needs For Individuals

729 Solutions was contracted by a healthcare clinician who was in the process of transitioning from a group practice to a solo practice. He wanted to establish a web presence as a newly solo practitioner. It was also important that this website is created and implemented in a short period of time so clients would have no disruption of services. Finally, he wanted to continue placing his energy and focus on his own area of professional expertise in serving clients, and to let someone else focus on building his web presence.

AWS Cloud Solutions

This particular clinician has clients locally and is also sought out internationally for consultation. That meant the web presence developed for him needed to be able to reach a large community quickly and reliably. 729 recommended a cloud solution, using several Amazon Web Services. This solution would allow his web presence to be deployed quickly worldwide, provide high levels of redundancy ensuring that vital assets and data would not be lost, and high reliability, allowing clients to be sure that the web presence would be available.

While providing all those benefits, the cloud solution would also need to provide a high level of security, keeping data safe from intrusions, and follow requirements for HIPPA compliance. In addition, ease of use for developers and an easy to understand billing solution for the clinician were requested. The services 729 thought would best support the clinicians needs included Simple Storage Service (S3) to store the pages and assets, Route 53 to manage the domains, and Cloudfront to provide an international content delivery network.

These services provide a great balance of fault tolerance, scalability, and speed while keeping the total cost of ownership very low.

  • S3 allows the assets and pages to have a 99.99% durability. This extreme level of durability is possible by having assets and data backed up to locations around the world, ensuring that this data will not be lost.
  • Route 53 provides a simple and highly efficient methodology for handling DNS. AWS gives the ability to make changes to DNS easily if new domains need to be added, as well as providing fast propagation throughout the DNS system, allowing clients to find the web presence quickly and reliably.
  • Cloudfront provides the site’s assets, from images to video, quickly and reliably.

This combination of AWS tools, means that the site will have very high fault tolerance, be massively scalable, and provide content quickly to users worldwide.

AWS Accommodates Many Needs – Big or Small

Using these AWS services, 729 was able to go from the initial ideas for web presence, to design and full deployment in only two weeks! This rapid pace would have been impossible without Amazon Web Services. To obtain this same result without AWS the client would have had to pay significantly more for competing services that still wouldn’t provide access to all the features desired. Utilizing these three services allowed 729 to act quickly, meet the client’s needs for durability, speed, and fault tolerance with a simple and reliable solution.

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