Multi-Select Fields in Zendesk

Multi-Select Fields in Zendesk

At the end of last year Zendesk began offering Multi-Select Fields within tickets. This is a ticket field that gives you the option to choose multiple values from a list. This feature was much needed since sometimes one answer is not enough and this allows you to be much more precise.

Everyone can create a multi-select ticket field!

Very similar to creating a drop-down field, getting started with multi-select fields is simple and can be created by admins when building tickets and support request forms. They can also be created and modified by your developers through the API.

Known Issues

While this new feature is great and opens up many possibilities for improving customer care, there are still a few areas in Zendesk that are not yet able to support Multi-select fields:

  • If you use the Conditional Fields app, multi-select fields are not supported
  • Multi-select fields are not imported into Insights. You can report on the tags that are applied to the ticket.
  • If you use the Salesforce app, multi-select fields are not currently supported.
  • Multi-select fields are not available for users and organizations.
  • The web widget does not currently support Multi-select fields.

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