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The Harvest time tracking app solves operations worst problem

As the VP of Operations of a technology consulting firm you are always looking for ways to increase efficiency and make sure that your clients are as happy as possible. After years of working in operations, I’ve used many different ways of tracking time, from Excel documents to Google Sheets, and went through various different software solutions. Last year I found what I consider to be the best most effective time tracking, invoicing solution out there with Harvest.

Manage Client and Team Hours with Harvest

We used to use 2 sometimes 3 different applications for employee time tracking, invoicing clients and reviewing worked hours, but now within Harvest, we found our one-stop-shop. As a company with 25+ employees with 10 – 20 projects happening at the same time we needed an easy way to keep track of all of this, and that is exactly what we got.  We looked at several different invoicing software but found that Harvest, with all of its functionality and easy UI displays, was the best by far. Harvest even offers a plethora of ways to track your time, like a mobile app, plugins for your web browser so you can track without opening and stopwatch functionality to keep track of your time at the most granular level.

All Harvest Features:

  • Daily Timers
  • Weekly Timesheet
  • Mobile & Desktop Apps
  • Integrations with some of the top tools (Slack, GitHub, Xero, Trello)
  • Browser Extensions (My team loves these!)
  • Invoicing Solutions

Examples of the interface:

Harvest Stands above the rest!

Harvest is superior to other applications because of its ability to quickly analyze where hours are going through the company reports screen and allowing you the ability to drill down further into individual projects. 729 has benefited greatly from these reports and has resulted in us becoming much more efficient. We learned more about the allocation of hours and it helped us realize that we were wasting a lot of time on things like internal meetings.

Harvest shows continued dedication to improving its capabilities and user experience, which in turn will help us move into the future with more efficiency thus saving ourselves a lot of energy and passing the savings onto our customers.

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