Team Building is Key: 729 Solutions Takes On An Escape Room

Team Building

Team building is as important as proper training or regular meetings might be to the health and growth of a company. It’s meant to help your team get to know one another, learn to thrive in new environments and encounter new skills to bring back to the company and incorporate into their daily work lives and company culture.

729 Solutions has the unique circumstance of having our employees scattered around the globe, so when we get together we want our team building experiences to be all-encompassing. We decided to try an Escape Room and it was a wonderful example of an outing that will help your team get to know each other, encounter new skills, and learn to thrive in a new environment all at once.

We had a wonderful time taking on the Start-Up Escape Room challenge in San Francisco and we are happy to say that with teamwork we made it out! This escape room gives you the whirlwind experience that is having a new startup in SF and all of the ups and downs you might encounter.  Dave recalled, “My main takeaway was that it was really interesting to see how everyone reacted under pressure, in real life. It also seemed that people sort of fell into their work roles during the event too.”

We all found our roles and executed different tasks trying to attack the problem from all angles, which seemed to be a good strategy since even with some setbacks that were out of our control, we still escaped the room and learned something interesting about how we work together. Nikki said, “I was pleasantly surprised by the escape room experience itself … I thought it was great to spend some face time with everyone. Being remote, we don’t get that opportunity often enough.” We made it out in just under an hour, so even though we might not have been the fastest group to make it through we know we definitely learned something and had a good time while doing it.

Is your team is looking for a new way to connect and learn how to thrive together in a unique and different environment?

We cannot recommend an escape room enough!

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