Tip #1: Top 10 Tips for Successful CX in 2022


Today’s final CX Quick Tip is ready for you, and it’s a doozy: “Prioritize Customer Service like your growth depends on it.” Zendesk CX Trends 2022 is today. Even if you can’t listen live, be sure to register. You can grab the replay on-demand!



James: We’re back for our final installment of “Top 10 Tips for Successful CX in 2022.” My name is James, the Studios Director at 729 Solutions, and joining me one more time is Brandon Tidd our Zendesk Guru and CX Champion at 729. Welcome back, Brandon!

Brandon: Hello!

James: Zendesk’s “CX Trends 2022” virtual event is today, and we’ve made it to our final tip, Tip #1. Let’s get into it, Brandon!

Brandon: So, for this tip, we’re going to want to prioritize customer service like your growth depends on it. Uh, there’s some really hard statistics to look at here that 76% of customers would consider switching to a competitor due to multiple bad CX experiences. But at the same time, 81% of customers say a positive CX experience increases the likelihood that they will make another purchase. And one thing I always like to advise our customers at 729 Solutions is that you should go in and be a customer, call your support line, email in and see what the experience is like for your customers.

And make sure that you are, uh, providing that good customer experience.

James: Brandon Tidd, Zendesk Architect at 729 Solutions where we are a full service agency providing design, UI/UX, development, and professional services, including Zendesk implementation and integrations. You can learn more about us at 729Solutions.com.

One more reminder for our listeners. Zendesk’s “CX Trends 2022” virtual event is today. 729 Solutions is a sponsor for this event where you will learn how your company can drive growth with customer service. There’s still time to register, so check the video description for the link.

Thanks again, Brandon. I’ve had a great time with you these past few days, and I appreciate you taking the time to give us these valuable and insightful tips.

Brandon: Yeah, and one thing to add as a footnote, if you can’t make the event live, register anyway. You can listen back on-demand or download the entire report that we’ve pulled all 10 tips from free online at the link in the description.

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