Tip #5: Top 10 Tips for Successful CX in 2022


Is your organization setting itself up for CX success by investing in customer support to keep up with rising ticket volumes? Check out today’s Quick Tip and register for Zendesk CX Trends 2022 to start driving growth with customer service.


James: Welcome back to “Top 10 Tips for Successful CX in 2022.” I am James, and joining me once again is our Zendesk Guru and CX Champion at 729 Solutions, Brandon Tidd. Brandon, it’s great to have you back!

Brandon: Happy to be here!

James: Well, I can’t wait to hear today’s tip, Tip #5. Take it away Brandon.

Brandon: So we are seeing, as we mentioned, a growth across all channels, particularly social, and in fact, 14% growth across all channels year-over-year. And what we’re seeing is that the investments in the support side and CX side, just aren’t keeping pace with the volume increase. More people are expecting more response across more channels, and it’s just not keeping up from the investment side.

So hopefully some of those plans to invest in the coming 12 months include some monetary investments and upgrading the infrastructure to support all of these new requests that are coming in.

James: Brandon Tidd, Zendesk Architect at 729 Solutions where we are a full service agency providing design, UI/UX, development, and professional services including Zendesk implementation and integrations. You can learn more about us at 729Solutions.com. And remember folks, Zendesk “CX Trends 2022” virtual event is coming up on February 10th.

Be sure to register now! 729 Solutions is a sponsor for this event where you will learn how your company can drive growth with customer service. Check the video description for the registration link.

Thanks again, Brandon! We can’t wait to hear what you have in store tomorrow for Tip #4 as we continue counting down the “Top 10 Tips for Successful CX in 2022”

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