What is a Zendesk Ticket?

What is a Zendesk Ticket

What is a Zendesk Ticket?

Tickets are the action items in Zendesk that give your agents the information they need to assist your customers. Zendesk tickets typically begin with a support request from your customer. Tickets can be created to provide support for lots of different issues; everything from a forgotten password to a complex complaint from a customer.

How can customers submit a Zendesk support request?

There are many different ways a customer can submit a support request, all of which lead to the creation of a ticket. The different methods of contact are called “channels”. You can choose to set up some or all of these channels, depending on how you think your customers will want to contact you.

Channels that you can use to help your customers contact you for support include:

  • Completing an embedded form on your website
  • Completing a form in your Zendesk Support portal
  • Sending an email
  • Asking for help in a text chat box on your website
  • Posting on the wall of your Facebook business page
  • Sending your business a Private Message on Facebook
  • Tweeting at your business
  • Sending your business a Direct Message in Twitter
  • Calling you on the phone

Are there any other channels to submit a Zendesk support request?

If you want to have additional channels that your customers can use to request support, you can integrate additional Apps to your Zendesk. These Apps include internet services and products such as JIRA, Salesforce, Trello, and even Instagram! Some Apps are free to install and integrate, but others charge a fee. You can see all the Apps Zendesk has to offer in their Marketplace. Be sure to check back regularly, as they frequently add new Apps and integrations.

Regardless of which channel your customer uses to submit a support request to you, each request becomes a Zendesk Support ticket. The ticket will capture the initial information submitted by your customer, as well as recording all of the conversations your agent has with the customer as they work to resolve the issue.

Zendesk is an amazingly powerful tool!

Are you using it effectively? Download our free Zendesk Efficiency Checklist to make sure you’re making the most of Zendesk.

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