Key Takeaways From Zendesk Relate Live 2017

Key Takeaways From Zendesk Relate Live 2017

2017 was a great year for 729 Solutions, and one of the accomplishments we are most proud of is becoming a Zendesk Partner.

In September, three members from our team attended the Zendesk conference Relate Live in New York City where they had the opportunity to further the collaboration with Zendesk as well as speak with everyday Zendesk users about how they use the product, and how they can make the most out of Zendesk.

Our team spent three days listening, asking questions and taking notes, all focusing on what 729 Solutions can do to help each of our Zendesk partner clients. Based on these conversations they reported a few key takeaways:

  • Everyone knows they can be getting more out their Zendesk, but aren’t always sure how to achieve it. Zendesk is an amazingly powerful business tool, but it needs to be optimized for each individual client. This is where working with an authorized Zendesk Partner, like 729 Solutions, can help clients take their Zendesk instance to the next level.
  • Many clients aren’t taking full advantage of the Zendesk Guide (previously called Help Center) in providing immediate answers and information for their users. Having a stellar Zendesk Guide is critical to the art of deflection. Deflection is important because it accomplishes two goals: provides immediate answers and knowledge to the end-users, and (by providing such easy access to the information) keeps end-users from submitting tickets for basic issues, thus freeing up agent time to address more complex end-user needs.
  • Zendesk has rolled up an updated version of their chat software that allows more apps in the sidebar. This allows agents to better serve their end-users.

As a professional services company that helps people make the most of their software investments we see over and again customers who aren’t getting everything they could from the great products they use. Software programs are growing with more and more features added every day. If you aren’t certified and trained in a product it’s really hard to get it installed right or keep using it to best practices. Optimizing your use of any business tool is the key to getting great performance from your teams.

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