Zendesk Suite Changes How You Talk to Customers


Stop Using So Many Tools to Talk to Your Customers!

Is your company new and ready to set up customer service as you launch a new product? Or perhaps your company is ready to improve the customer support they offer and want to streamline the process all into one place. Many companies are using one product for email support, one for phone support, and another for chat. That is a lot to keep track of, and often these different tools don’t interact together in a cohesive, streamlined way. There is no way to know if the same customer has emailed you and had a call with you, and that makes for a less than stellar experience for your customer.

Zendesk offers several tools to manage all your customer support and service needs.  Recently, they made it even easier to adopt and transition all your needs in one place, on one bill, with the Zendesk Suite.

Zendesk Suite

Support – The main hub of your customer support and care

Guide – A place for education and information for your customers

Chat – Live messaging with customers

Talk – Chat on the phone with customers

Let 729 Get You started with the Zendesk Suite

Whether your company is already using one or two Zendesk products or are ready to take the plunge and start using Zendesk, 729 can help you plan, adopt, migrate, integrate and launch your Zendesk Suite platform. Our team of certified Zendesk administrators, developers and designers will work together to ensure your team’s success with Zendesk.

  • Plan – Have 729 consult you on the best plan of action for adopting Zendesk. Or perform our Efficiency Check on your existing Zendesk to be sure you are ready to adopt the full Suite.
  • Adopt – 729 will work with your team to make sure the process of adapting and changing to Zendesk is smooth and efficient, whether you need custom integrations, migrations, or team training.
  • Migrations – Have 729 help you move all the important information you already have about your customers from your existing customer service platforms to your new Zendesk Suite instance. Even if you are using different tools to keep track of customer email, calls, or chats, we can bring all the info together into one place.
  • Integrate – Zendesk offers hundreds of integrations with other tools and products, everything from language translators to analytics trackers. We will help find the right integrations to support your team’s specific needs and make sure they are integrated correctly from the beginning.
  • Launch – We will be there for the Launch of your Zendesk Suite and will help be sure everything is working, tweaking the business rules as need be to create the most efficient Suite you can have.

729 Solutions will walk you through the completion of your Zendesk Suite and make sure it’s working as best it can for your team and your customers.

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