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The 729 Solutions Blog is a place for us to showcase our unique approach to engineering, our awesome partnerships with other companies and the voices of our growing team. 

What’s the Big Deal About Responsive Websites?

Have you ever browsed a website on your phone and realized the text was too small to read without zooming in? You end up having to pinch in and pan back and forth across the screen to read each line? Of course you have. It’s a pain for the user and a nightmare for the...

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HubSpot Inbound Marketing Tools

Time To Adopt A Marketing Strategy! Marketing can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming when you are trying to keep track of a blog, social media, SEO, email… the list goes on. If your team is small the task of keeping track of clicks and analytics while also focusing on...

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CMYK, RGB & Spot Colors

CMYK, RGB & Spot Colors What is the difference, and why does it matter? I’ve found myself explaining to clients why their business cards won’t look as bright as the colors on their computer monitor (if printed in CYMK) or why it’ll be hard to match that color from...

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Connect with HubSpot Integrations

The Problem You’ve got a comprehensive tool like HubSpot, but realize that you would love for it to connect to, speak to, or work with another great tool your team uses on a regular basis.  You want to improve your teams efficiency and workflow. The Solution Insert...

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