How 3D Printing Works

In 3D printing you take a model and you use what's called a slicer; this slicer takes the software and turns it into what's called G-code. That G-code is the instructions for the 3D printer (or for a CNC machine or for a laser cutter... etc, they all work on the same...

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Using Placeholders in Zendesk

Placeholders When you’re providing service to your customers, you want them to feel that they are being listened to by a real human, rather than simply receiving an auto-response. Zendesk facilitates this personal relationship with your customer through Placeholders....

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New Growth in Artificial Intelligence

With products like Amazon Alexa and robot companions like Buddy becoming more and more commonplace inside peoples homes as well as in the bigger world around us, we are seeing AI (Artificial Intelligence) advancements moving rapidly and permeating most of the ways...

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New Relic Services and Support

New Relic offers a wide variety of services and support to their users, as they want to ensure the best experience possible. Through solutions like comprehensive Documentation and New Relic University where you can teach yourself and through their Explorer’s Hub where...

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What are triggers and automations in Zendesk?

Both triggers and automations can be an invaluable contribution to your workflow in Zendesk. You can edit, activate, deactivate or delete them by accessing the business rules portion of the admin dashboard. In many ways triggers and automations are very similar, they...

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Every Website Needs an SSL Certificate

Online security isn’t just for the big name websites; it’s an issue that should be carefully addressed by every company with a web presence, regardless of size or type. Not only is having a secure website the right thing to do, but soon having a secure website will...

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New Relic DevOps

DevOps is a agile philosophy that combines aspects of software development and operations. This philosophy advocates for the use of automations and monitoring all septs of software construction, aiming for shorter development cycles, increase in frequency of...

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How does Agile Impact an Organization

By now you understand Agile and its merry friends,  and have an inkling of how much more your current organization could accomplish by implementing Agile methodologies. Next up, is how to convince management that Agile is the right way to get work done. Culture is a...

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New Relic Product Overview 2

Here at 729 Solutions we see a lot of value in the products that New Relic offers developers and think there are many ways to improve your workflow by utilizing them. Just like our last New Relic post, we want to showcase and take a look at it’s fabulous products....

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Using Macros in Zendesk

What is a Macro in Zendesk? As you start to receive tickets through Zendesk, you’ll probably begin to see issues that are the same for more than one customer. This might be a general issue, such as needing a password reset, or a specific issue when something has...

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New Relic Product Overview

Here at 729 Solutions we want to promote tools and products that we actually like and use, New Relic is one of a kind software engineering tool that we use on a regular basis, so we thought we would showcase their great products. Here are three of New Relic’s products...

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NIAC Showcase

The NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) Program nurtures visionary ideas that could transform future NASA missions with the creation of new technology and breakthroughs in engineering, computer science and biomechanics. You can find all of this years phase 1 and...

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