Pillar Content and Topic Clusters

What Are Pillar Pages A pillar page is a resource page that pulls together information, resources and posts into a single and comprehensive location. Pillar pages are typically organized by topic and then further broken down into smaller subtopics.   Pillar pages...

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Zendesk Skills Based Routing

Zendesk has recently added a new feature to their enterprise level called Skills Based Routing. This routing system is yet another way Zendesk aims to streamline your team’s workflow and your clients’ experience with customer service. Routing lets you set up skills...

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Merging Tickets in Zendesk

Most likely you are utilizing Zendesk ticket merging f you receive two or more support requests about the same issue from the same end-user. Merging Tickets in Zendesk is quite easy as long as the tickets you are trying to merge meet a few requirements.   Ticket...

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3D Printer Makers

3D printing is becoming a very popular hobby as prices for printers have become much more varied, which has made them more accessible to more people. There are also many many websites, blogs and YouTube Channels, that cater to all aspects of 3D printing, some of them...

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New At GitHub

On July 12th, 2018, GitHub rolled out GitHub Enterprise 2.14. This upgrade to the GitHub Enterprise system offers many new tools and changes for both developers and administrators alike. You can easily upgrade here and begin getting the new features ASAP!   These new...

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Integrating tools with AWS

AWS is vast and has many different tools and programs to help ensure its customers have the best environment that they can for building and interacting with the internet. AWS knows that it’s customers expect to be able to integrate with many other popular tools of the...

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What are Zendesk Conditions?

Conditions and actions are the terms used within Zendesk to describe the statements created in triggers and automations, that help to specify what the trigger or automation is looking for in order to run a command. There can be more than one condition or action in...

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Buyer Personas for Inbound Marketing

What are Buyer Personas? User or Buyer Personas are the various avatars that represent your customers or any other individuals who will be interacting with your product. By creating a well-defined user persona, you can determine what the important characteristics of...

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The Women Leading Tech

Here at 729 Solutions we are always thinking about how we can help support more women in STEM and in business. One way to support a more diverse tech world is to educate ourselves about those women who have made great strides in this business already and learn from...

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Make New Relic Work For You

New Relic has many functions and can be used and set up in many ways to accommodate the developers and the teams that are using it. Here are three New Relic blog posts that we think are worth a read if you are currently adopting New Relic, looking to improve your New...

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